What is Smoke and Fire Restoration?

When a fire occurs it is of both sentimental as well as financial importance to restore what can be saved or cleaned. Our fire restoration services provides the customer with the option of saving their seemingly destroyed belongings. The more quickly items are salvaged, the better shape they will be in. This is true because homes today have many synthetic goods that create chemical reactions that cause items to be often beyond saving within several days. Therefore, it is important to engage in smoke and fire damage restoration promptly. Our restoration process can often help you in this trying time of life by cleaning and saving your items. Soot and smoke damage in clothing, upholstery, curtains, carpets, and other such belongings can be cleaned. This helps avoid the high replacement cost of these belongings.

Why Does Restoration Need to Be Done?

Fire is a chemical reaction that involves often as many as 90 chemicals. A typical household or commercial facility has many different types of plastic, metal, cloth, etc. within it. These are fuel for the fire and react to the fire differently as well as melting on one another. Therefore, the end result of a fire is that different causes and contents cause differing end results.

We are professionally trained and understand the chemistry of fire and how to commence an effective restoration. Simple fires are often caused by fuel and are not compounded by the presence of plastics or other synthetic items. As a result, these fires often leave no soot and negligible amounts of fumes and soot. Complex fires are those which produce soot, fumes, and odor. These are often caused by the presence of many synthetic items such as carpets, plastic items, rubber, and man made materials. The damage is generally much worse.

Smoke and fire restoration services are usually called into these sites to perform salvage and cleaning. Gases cause highly corrosive solutions in a fire. Metal surfaces may be etched and discolor. Salts formed in the fire create corrosive solutions which present on a metal surface degrade it. Commonly found items that would be affected by this process are saws, lawn mowers, factory equipment, appliances, and plumbing. Soot, the most commonly know by product of a fire, is made of carbon and other oxidized materials. Most soot has a greasy texture and cannot simply be washed away. The soot must be cleaned with a system that reacts with the soot to create a washable water soluble state. It must be removed prior to deodorization or further cleaning. It is crucial that the fire area be allowed to dry immediately. The fire department probably arrived and flooded the building with water. It is essential to dry the building because mold grow can start within 48 hours upon a moist surface. This is quite important regarding walls, ceilings, joists, and flooring.

Why Use Our System for Restoration Services?

  • Air cleaning as fresh air beings to recirculate within the facility
  • Other odors are removed through the process of oxidation
  • Smoke odors and items present with a smoky odor are cleaned and odors removed
  • Germs, bacteria, and mildew are killed
  • Cleans deep into porous materials to remove odors
  • Kills mold, mildew and fungus
  • Ionizes the air so smoke particles and odors will be removed from the air
  • Removes smoke and odors from furniture and household content
  • Preliminary cleaning and restoration is conducted post assessment
  • Commercial facility or home goods cleaning and salvage
  • Packing of goods as needed to commence the cleaning and restoration process
  • Structural cleaning on ceiling, floors, walls, and counters as applicable
  • Undamaged goods covered and protected to avoid spreading soot

What Can It Save?

A site assessment is conducted to determine the extent of the damage and what can be cleaned and salvaged. All goods cannot always be salvaged but many times much can be restored. Anyone who has experienced the destructive power of a fire knows just how important it is to restore memories and lifelong possessions.