Roof Washing

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House Washing

Have you ever seen homes that appear faded or have streaks of discoloration? Our system both cleans and revitalizes these faded or stained exterior surfaces. The surface will look bright, "like new", and clean. This is done without the high cost of replacment.

Deck Cleaning

Decks become discolored over time due to exposure to sun (UV radiation), rain, snow, and sleet. Because decks are comprised of organic matters (often cedar or pine), insects and biological organisms such as lichen, mold, and mildew begin to devour them. Over time, the wood begins to rot and the structural integrity of the deck may become compromised.

Flexmar Garage Floor Coatings

We offer an industrial quality product that we are applying in a residential environment. These coatings can be applied everywhere from your basement, mud room, utility rooms, garages and even outside on your patio or around your pool. Not only does it come in solid colors but also a full vinyl flake finish and for those looking for that completely custom floor, a metallic finish floor where not two floors ever look the same.

Smoke & Fire Restoration

When a fire occurs it is of both sentimental as well as financial importance to restore what can be saved or cleaned. The Caltex fire restoration services provides the customer with the option of saving their seemingly destroyed belongings. The more quickly items are salvaged, the better shape they will be in.