Professional & Affordable Floor Coatings

At East Coast Property Maintenance LLC our hybrid floor coatings are real world proven to stand the test of time. We offer an industrial quality product that we are applying in a residential environment. These coatings can be applied everywhere from your basement, mud room, utility rooms, garages and even outside on your patio or around your pool. Not only does it come in solid colors but also a full vinyl flake finish and for those looking for that completely custom floor, a metallic finish floor where not two floors ever look the same. This finish is very popular in basements as well as in "man caves". It's a very distinguished look.

What about dust and smell?
Concerned about your home being torn up for days and dealing with insurmountable amounts of dust and horrible smells? Don't be, we use state of the art equipment and always have our machines hooked up to high-performance dust vacuums as well as operate HEPA air scrubbers to help eliminate any air born dust. There is practically no odor during or after application, most people never notice we are even applying anything.

How do you prepare the floor?
We use Lavina high-performance floor grinders/polishers equipped with diamond tooling to properly open up the concrete to allow the coating to "take bite". We don't believe in using any type of "acid etching" as this introduces water into the floor and takes longer to complete the job as we have to wait for the floor to dry completely. We can grind, apply and finish the floor normally all in one day.

I have cracks and chips in my floor?
No problem. We encounter these situations on a regular basis. Depending on the size and the nature of crack we have many options to correct this problem. From flexible to solid fillers. A rule of thumb though is that when it comes to a "control crack" we always honor these and never try to fill them. Although in some instances the customer can opt for us to fill them with a flexible material. Chips/holes are easily filled with our quick drying patching material to bring them flush with the rest of the floor then we grind smooth.

How long will it take?
Our process is practically pain free and happens rather swiftly. From the time we pull up to your house until we leave it can be in as little as a few hours depending on the size of your project. Most application take hours to complete and with the quick dry times, your back on the floor within hours and your able to park your cars back in the garage next day. Where as most other "epoxies", it's a long drawn out process that can take days, sometimes even week before your life can get back to normal. Some of the benefits to our products are the "Rapid Return to Service", virtually no odors, low VOC's and it won't yellow when exposed to harmful UV rays from the sun.

How long does this product last?
We have interior floors over 10 years old and even some exterior applications with over 8 years in service. But like everything else, it also depends on how much traffic these areas see. Normally we provide a one year warranty on our floors, if something is going to happen, it typically happens within that time frame. This being product failure and delamination from the substrate.

How do I maintain the floor?
Easy! If you own a broom and a mop then you can maintain the floor as needed. No special cleaners, no need to wax, no sealing necessary. Some customers will even use a pressure washer to clean the floor. Maybe after a few years it doesn't have that "shine" it once had, no problem. We can fix that! We offer several maintenance programs to come back and reapply a new top coat. Even if by some unfortunate accident the product gets chipped, we can also fix that too!

We are trying to stop water from coming up through the basement slab?
In this situation we would recommend some type of drainage system be installed depending on how severe your problem. In some situations we can apply a product to help stop this migration of moisture but sometimes the problem far exceeds the products capabilities. But it doesn't hurt to have us come out and take a look, we may have the solution.

Do you need access to electricity?
No, we provide our own power by means of a generator.

Check out some before and after photos of our work