Professional Commercial Floor Coatings

In any business, first impressions are everything whether you own, run or service the company. So every facet of your operation needs to be a positive reflection upon you, from the quality your product or service you provide to the appearance of your work space. But you know it’s almost impossible to keep that office/retail floor looking presentable day after day, week after week—especially the high-traffic areas—without spending a fortune on cleaning and maintenance. That’s where East Coast Property Maintenance LLC can help business owners provide the image they are striving to maintain. Whether you’re a retail store owner/renter or commercial/residential builder we have a floor coating suited to your needs.

Who has a need for a hybrid floor coating?

  1. Architects & Designers
  2. Hospitals, Dental & Medical offices
  3. Builders
  4. Schools, Colleges and University’s
  5. Automotive
  6. Office Buildings & Business Centers
  7. Restaurants & Commercial Food Service
  8. Anywhere a durable, rapid return to service and easy floor to maintain is required!

Why does my business need a Hybrid floor coating from East Coast Property Maintenance LLC?
That answer is very simple. Downtime. Every second your facility is closed you are not bringing in any revenue. Our crew can come in after hours and usually by opening time the next day your up and running. Another added benefit with our hybrid floor systems we can help to minimize the downtime that may be necessary for maintenance and cleaning. There is no need to wax,no need to stripe, no carpet to clean, no need to burnish or polish anything. A broom and a mop is all you need.

What benefit will your products have for me as a commercial builder?
There are several actually. Here are a few

  1. Rapid Return to Service for you and/or the customer
  2. Ease of Maintenance
  3. Large selection of colors and coatings
  4. Low odor/Low VOC’s
  5. Non Yellowing when used near sunlight or outside
  6. Inexpensive up keep/maintenance
  7. No hot tire pick-up

You can pass these benefits to your customer!

What is the cost?
Depending on which system you choose, can and will affect the costs. We have found our systems are usually cheaper than most other flooring products. A majority of the cost of flooring goes into the floor once it’s down, the maintenance. Most times the allure of a "cheap floor" is dispelled by the costs of maintaining it over its life span. Our products hold up extremely well and if the need should ever arise to “freshen” up the coating we offer maintenance programs that include just putting on a new top coat at a fraction of the cost. Get a hold of us today for a free estimate. 609-556-8589

How well will these floors hold up to heavy vehicles and oils?
We have supplied floors to everything from airplane hangars to fire houses and a bunch in between. These situations require a durable, heavy duty coating to stand up to the rigors they experience on a daily basis. These floors are extremely resilient to hot tire pickup and chemicals. They have been found to be 4x’s stronger than typical epoxy coatings.

We have found these floors to be extremely well suited for dog and cat kennels as well as veterinary clinics. The ease cleanup is of the utmost importance and being able to stand up to animal urine and feces.

We have a tile floor we do not want to remove can you do something with that?
Yes! In some instances removing the existing floor is above and beyond the budget. We can properly prepare the substrate and once that’s done, apply our coatings right over top. Depending on what you are expecting, we can make it look like there was never any thing under the coating.

How do you prepare the surface?
We use Lavina concrete grinder/ polishers equipped with diamond tooling to open up the concrete to allow our products to “bite into” the surface. We always have the machines hooked up to high performance vacuums and operate HEPA air scrubbers to alleviate any air born dust. Mechanical surface preparation is the only way to achieve a proper start point for any floor coating. Some may argue and say that "acid etching" will work but that method is old school technology. You need to introduce water to the concrete and you'll never know if you applied the same amount to all the sections. If all the acid is not removed you may be faced with the coating being "eaten from below".

We have some issues with the concrete can you do something?
Depending on your issue we can find a solution to properly address the situation. Holes, cracks, spalls or uneven sections we have many options depending on your needs and desired results.